50 Things to Eat Before You Die

I found this on the internet the other day.  I think if I ate some of this stuff it would kill me.My comments are in green!!!

 50 Things to Eat Before You Die

  • by The_Stir, on Tue Aug 3, 2010 2:04pm PDT

1.    Chicago-style deep dish stuffed pizza with every topping imaginable  

no fish or mushrooms and maybe this would be okay 

2.    Caviar (local and sustainable, of course!) 

nope not any day

3.    Fried chicken and waffles

sounds all right

4.    Just-picked, vine-ripened heirloom tomatoes with fresh basil and mozzarella di bufala on crusty bread.

I guess this would be okay, but I still think just the tomatoes with onion on bread and butter are still my favorite.

5.    Perfect scrambled eggs with crème fraiche and chives

I don’t know what creme fraiche is!!!

6.    French press coffee with real cream

I could handle this. But can I add sugar???

7.    Champagne and strawberries

Have always wanted to try this every since I have watched Pretty Woman.

8.    Steak tartare and fresh arugula with a drizzle of oil


9.    Hot dog from a street cart with all the fixings


10.  Authentic Vietnamese pho soup with beef, rice noodles, sprouts, fresh herbs, and sriracha (perfect for when you’re feeling under the weather!)


11.  Spicy tuna sushi roll topped with avocado

no way no how I don’t do raw fish

12.  Fried soft shell crab

I don’t do seafood

13.  Mayo-rich lobster roll

same as above

14.  Baklava (Middle Eastern filo pastry filled with walnuts and honey)

always wondered what this was

15.  S’mores by the campfire

or by kitchen stove!!! both ways work for me!!

16.  Churros dipped in melted chocolate

almost anything dipped in chocolate!! Not raw fish!!!!

17.  Bagel with cream cheese and lox

okay have had the bagel and cheese but what is lox???

18.  Ice-cold shake


19.  Sweet potato fries fried in truffle oil

have had sweet potato fries does this count??

20.  Anything with truffle salt

where do you get this and how much does it cost??

21.  Escargot drenched in garlic butter

I think this rates in the seafood category

22.  Beignets right out of the fryer, dusted with powdered sugar

Is this a pastry?? okay I would try it

23.  Real strawberry ice cream

oh yeah with fresh fresh strawberries

24.  Fresh-caught, head-on prawns over homemade pasta (preferably eaten in Italy)

are we talking seafood again??

25.  Chocolate-filled croissants with cappuccino on a Sunday morning

okay this works

26.  Pork belly

probably have eaten this with out  my knowledge

27.  Tandoori lobster with garlic-butter naan

do these people know what BEEF is

28.  Tiramisu

and how are you??

29.  Honeycomb

to waxy but yep have had this

30.  Kansas City-style BBQ ribs dripping with sauce

now they are talking  beef or pork!!

31.  Salted caramels

I like salty and sweet

32.  Fried Twinkie

gotta try this one

33.  Homemade cannoli filled with ricotta

okay if I can cover with sauce

34.  Nutella-filled crepe with fresh strawberries

chocolate need I say more!!

35.  Full-fat eggnog dusted with freshly ground nutmeg

been there did not like that

36.  Greek yogurt with honey and fresh raspberries

well if it’s not to different from american

37.  Southern-style shrimp and creamy grits

I thought they were off the seafood thing

38.  Mexican grilled corn with lime, crema, and chili powder

sounds better than seafood

39.  Fresh-made guacamole with blue corn tortilla chips

my sister in laws guacamole and your right up my alley

40.  Grilled summer peaches with brown sugar

how do I make

41.  Fried green tomatoes

not yet

42.  Big Mac

who has not had a big mac

43.  Baked Camembert

sounds seafoody to me

44.  Homemade gnocchi in tomato cream sauce

lets keep the tomatoes on bread with onion and butter

45.  Butter lettuce from the farmers’ market drizzled with balsamic vinegar and a few drops of really good olive oil

close to the way mom use to make it, maybe not as FANCY

46.  Just-made glazed Krispy Kreme doughnut

well almost just made!!

47.  Mussels steamed in ale

I’ll take the ale and you can keep the mussels.

48.  8-hour (or longer!) braised osso bucco

Who What????

49.  Duck fat French fries

how about stuffed duck and french fries??

50.  Bacon-wrapped dates stuffed with Gorgonzola

I don’t think I want my dates wrapped or stuffed with anything but money!!!

Hope you enjoyed, I sure had fun!!


I am not a good blogger!!

Okay I will admit it… I am a terrible blogger!!!

I could think of a million excuses why I have not wrote anything on here for months, but my biggest is ….. Life is busy!!

So I guess I will just give you a list of things that have been going on in my life…

  • As most of you know I lost my mom on the 15th of May.  Was very hard to see her go, but know she is in heaven and will see her again someday.
  • My sister came a couple of weeks before mom passed away. It was a very hard time for us but we grew closer in the time we had together. We laughed, we cried and we took care of our momma together.  Now with the closeness we have I miss her even more when we are apart!!
  • Our daughter came home and spent 6 weeks with us after moms passing.  She was my rock and my shoulder to lean on.  She also checked out available jobs in our area, but with no good prospects she went home to teach another year. Was so good to spend that time with her, we have both had a rough year and needed that time together.
  • We have had some medical problems to face in our family and this lays heavy on our minds. Will fill you in more when we know more.
  • The artist reception was great. Several of my family and friends attended with me. I did not win any prizes, but was complemented several times on my photos. It was a neat experience!
  • Mike and I spent 6 days camping with friends on the Shoshone river. We spent a fun-filled day in Yellowstone and one day going through Buffalo Bill Cody Museum. Only caught a few fish but they were all nice ones. Mike and I walked to the bottom of Lower Falls, was well worth the 328 steps down and 328 back up!!
  • I entered 6 photos in the county fair.  “Heaven’s Lace” received a second place ribbon and a Judges Choice Ribbon. I also  received 1-second place ribbons, 1-fifth place and a first place on my scrapbook I entered.
  • Micheal is building me a 10 x 16 foot shed. It will have power and heat and will be my new sewing/crafting room. I have named it  “The Butterfly Bungalow”!!! I will finally have some closet room and room in my bedroom when I get everything moved out of the house. I am really looking forward to getting it done.
  • I met a  new friend at bowling. We have lots of things in common and have really become good friends. I so enjoy having someone to do things with.
  • I spent one Saturday morning selling some of my pictures and crafts at the local farmers market. They included us crafters this year. Hope to make it a couple more Saturdays before fall. One of my nieces joined me with somethings she had made. We enjoyed spending time together.
  • While Sassy was here we went to Colorado for a weekend to help my niece move and I got to spend time with a good friend/sister that I had not seen in a long while.
  • Some changes were made at work and the company let the guy working for me  go and hired a salesman/manager to work with me. All is going good and “J” and I are enjoying working together.
  • We got a new Subaru and 2 days after the first payment we had a hailstorm and done $6000. damage to it. Still waiting to get it fixed.

Well I guess that hits on the last few months. It has been rough with out my momma, but I am tough like she was and I will make it. Somedays I still feel like I am trying to find myself as I was so busy being a daughter sometime that I did not know who I was. I think I will like the person I am becoming, I think I have not only got another year older in the last few days, I feel that I have really matured in the last few months. I think even my siblings look at me with a new look at who I am, I am not just the baby sister anymore  to them, I am a adult, finally at 48. I know I have many more trials and tribulations to go thru in this life, but with God and those that love me, I can get through them all.  As momma always told us kids “THE SUN WILL SHINE TOMORROW”!!!!!

Am I really an Artist?

Am I really and Artist?

Well that is what they tell me now! Recently I  entered two photos in the 2nd annual Photography Invitational and both of them were chosen. I was so excited. I must have them matted and framed by May 6th. Then they will be on display from May 10th to May 28th. With an Artist  reception on May 28th. So since I must attend this reception I guess I really am an Artist. I am not sure at this time if the photos will be up for auction or if they will just be up for sale. There will also be a $200. award given to the best of show. I have a 2 in 20 chance at this. How wonderful and happy I would be if one of my photos won this award!

Here are the 2 photos I entered..

Song of Sunrise

Heaven’s Lace

So while I may be and Artist to some, I just hope I can uphold to my Artist statement…..

Living in Wyoming for more than thirty some years taught me to find beauty in all that I see around me. That in itself has inspired me to capture this beautiful state on film and share those images with family and friends. On the northern gateway to Yellowstone National Park there is an arch called the Roosevelt Arch and on the Arch is this quote “For the benefit and enjoyment of the people”. That is what I want to do! If I bring joy to others through my photographs, then I have accomplished an important goal in my life. Give me my camera and a chance to take a glimpse back into history, to see a bunch of wild flowers in the morning dew, or to witness a sunrise on a mountain top and you give me life.

Have a blessed day!!!


So what are you doing today???

What are you up today?

Me… Well I spent the night at moms and woke up to my brother and sister-in-law knocking at the door. We  visited and had coffee and donuts together as we waited for mom to wake up for the day. Got mom up and dressed and a few things picked up. My other sister-in-law came by to tell mom bye before she headed back home across the state. We pray she had good roads as it was spitting a little snow this morning.

Then I came home to see my hubby and my sad missing mommy dog!! Had to go out and play ball for a bit, then made hubby some lunch and then started moms laundry.

Now just catching up on Facebook, emails and been trying to come up with something witty to write about. That didn’t work to well, so this is what you get!!

Got a call from the grandson the other morning..”mornin grandma, love you, grandma my puppies still not come home, grandma do you have a bunny cage”. It about broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time as his poor heart is broke because his 2 dogs have been missing for a week now. So sad!!  They are the parents of our dog Sparky. They have been checking the pound and have stuff on radio, around town and on Facebook, but no luck. We keep thinking of the movie HOMEWARD BOUND  and keep saying our prayers.

I am adding a link to a friends blog that has some wonderful pictures on it, check it out. She is the one who inspired  me to start taking pictures!!!

Well hope you all have a good day!!

God Bless

I am still here!!

Just a quick blog to let you all know I am still out here.

Well if you all have not given up on me blogging, I will try to fill you in a little on life as a material moose.

Spring in Wyoming?    I think not! We are getting more snow and its cold and nasty!! But oh well I guess that maybe  it is spring in Wyoming. At least that is the way it has been the 34 years I have been here.

       Mom is doing okay, getting very weak. She is on her way home today with nephew and niece, after almost 2 weeks being in NM. Was hard for my sis, daughter and niece down there to have her come home. I know as it was so hard for me to let her go. But it is something she wanted and what momma wants momma gets. We are going to go to 24 hour care when she gets home, and that is what daughters want!!! Like I said she is getting very weak and we do not want her alone.  So my life is going to become  very busy with taking more of mom full-time. I will continue to work and family will help fill in my work hours with staying with mom.

     The grand boy  is still growing by leaps and bounds, maybe not so much in size but sure is talking more and more and smart as a whip. The other day I took him to get Easter pictures taken, on the way home he said “grandma” I said “what Hayden”  he then spread out his arms and said ” I love you this much grandma”!!! Melted my heart!! He sure has a way of doing that to this grandma. He is also very polite, please and thank you for almost everything.

     I have not been crafting much, seems there is always something else to do, from cleaning, working, shopping or what ever.  I always say someday my life will slow down but ever time I say it then it seems to run even faster.

     Mike and I got to spend a weekend away with friends sitting in the hot springs and doing some sight-seeing and rock hunting. It was so fun and relaxing!

    I will try to do better and get some blogging done again, so look for a new post now and then.

Latter my friends

Love Barb

What should I feel???

     Have you ever been so mixed up you don’t know what to feel? I guess the Christmas season always kind of does this to me, but this year is worse. I am not sure if I want to shout out with joy, laugh, or sit and cry. Guess I have been doing a little of all of them.

I want to shout with JOY because

  1. It is the birth of our Savior!!

  2. My sister is here and we have been doing a lot of things together. Baking, shopping, decorating, sewing, playing games and spending time just the two of us with our mom!!

  3. My daughter is coming home for Christmas!!

  4. We are having a BIG family Christmas!!

  5. We were donated a building to have our family Christmas in!!

  6. I have a job, were as a lot of people are without this year!!

I want to laugh because

  1. The grandson tells me he needs bubbles “cause mine all gone grandma”

  2. People are just funny this time of year.

  3. It was fun to wrap my sister in Christmas lights.

  4. Sometimes its fun to keep secrets.

I want to cry because…

  1. The doctor has told us it may be the last Christmas with our momma.

  2. The ghost of Christmas past always comes and leaves me thinking of people who are gone from my life.

  3. The mess that the world is in and how many people who are in need.

  4. The stress of trying to get everything ready.

  5. Not know what to get my wonderful husband for Christmas.

I really am trying to keep focused on the true meaning of Christmas and not let things stress me out or get me down.  

Remembering ……..


Merry Christmas to all!!!


The Good Cancer… Yeah right.

I am very sad this morning. Checking my favorite forum CLLCF (Chronic lymphocyte leukemia Christian Friends) we have lost one of our family. Our friend  Ron, Blanky or better known as RB passed away on 8/24/09. My dear brother in Christ you will be greatly missed!!

I title my post the Good Cancer because when you find out you have CLL that is what some doctors will tell you. “if  you have to have cancer this is the good kind to have”. Well excuse me this is a bunch of bull.  No matter what CANCER IS CANCER!!!  There are so many THINGS that go hand in hand with CLL and some of it is kinda scary, okay some of it is a lot scary. I cannot explain things real well, so please take some time and do some reading if you would like to know more.

When I found out that I had CLL I decided that even though my mom had CLL I did not know much  about it. So I decided that I had a computer in front of me, that I needed to do some reasearch. That is when I found the CLLCF forum. Oh the things I have learned from my friends on there.  Some things I have learned….

  1. That there is no GOOD cancer
  2. what an IGIV is
  3. what a SCT is
  4. about infections
  5. that there are some wonderful people in cyber space
  6. that there are a lot of people with CLL
  7. about what options we have for treatment
  8. about other treatment centers 
  9. about battling insurance companies
  10. how cute everyone’s grandkids are!!!!

Yes I have learned  a lot from my family of CLL friends and I have alot more to learn. It is wonderful to have a place to share your fears, your joys, your prayer request and things that are happening in your life. We all share so much and you can see why we call ourselves a Family. I pray that someday I will get to meet some of these wonderful people while we are still on this earth. If not it is wonderful to know that I will meet them on the streets of heaven, as we will meet our dear friend Ron.

Please keep my CLL Warriors in your prayers!!

If you have or know someone who does have CLL and would like to join our cyber family please go to…


 Love Barb