So what are you doing today???

What are you up today?

Me… Well I spent the night at moms and woke up to my brother and sister-in-law knocking at the door. We  visited and had coffee and donuts together as we waited for mom to wake up for the day. Got mom up and dressed and a few things picked up. My other sister-in-law came by to tell mom bye before she headed back home across the state. We pray she had good roads as it was spitting a little snow this morning.

Then I came home to see my hubby and my sad missing mommy dog!! Had to go out and play ball for a bit, then made hubby some lunch and then started moms laundry.

Now just catching up on Facebook, emails and been trying to come up with something witty to write about. That didn’t work to well, so this is what you get!!

Got a call from the grandson the other morning..”mornin grandma, love you, grandma my puppies still not come home, grandma do you have a bunny cage”. It about broke my heart and made me laugh at the same time as his poor heart is broke because his 2 dogs have been missing for a week now. So sad!!  They are the parents of our dog Sparky. They have been checking the pound and have stuff on radio, around town and on Facebook, but no luck. We keep thinking of the movie HOMEWARD BOUND  and keep saying our prayers.

I am adding a link to a friends blog that has some wonderful pictures on it, check it out. She is the one who inspired  me to start taking pictures!!!

Well hope you all have a good day!!

God Bless


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  1. I’m glad your momma is still doing well enough to get up and get dressed. I’m praying for you every day. I love and miss you lots.


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