Is Fall in the Air?….I am thinking so

Well first off, I have been a terrible blogger!!Sorry!!! I will try to do better. I am trying to use my time more wisely, and this means limiting my time on the computer. The craft crunch is on and trying to get stuff made for 3 upcoming bazaars. So that means Fall is in the air for me.


Is Fall in the Air?….I am thinking so…does this break my heart…NO!!  I LOVE FALL, IT IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. 

I have seen the signs,…

  • the crisp cool mornings

  •  a few leaves starting to change

  •  the kids back to school

  •  the bow hunters headed to the woods

  •  the flowers looking their best

  •  the garden produce ready to harvest

  •  the lawn going back to needing mowed once a week instead of twice

  •  summer clothes on clearance. 

So the signs are there, the only sad part is in Wyoming winter will not be far behind. I am so thankful that God gave us the changes of the seasons, fall is my favorite, but there is a part of each season that is special  to me. I know some of you are still suffering with hot temperatures, and you can say is this person nuts, but if you live in Wyoming or have lived here you know what I am saying.

 Some people have complained that we have not even had a summer this year. For me it has been wonderful!  I am not one to do HOT so 80’s have worked quite well for me.  Along with the temperature being wonderful it has been a wonderful summer of adventures.

  • Flying with my mom to Lake Tahoe, for my niece’s wedding and getting to spend time with my daughter and my sis that came to the wedding also.

  • Camping for a weekend in the mountains with my husband and dog.

  • Getting to ride the 1880 train and touring a beautiful cave. 

  • Getting to see three National Parks, three states and family, with hubby in eight days!!

  • Getting to take lots of photos.

  • My niece moving back to Wyoming and getting reacquainted with her.

  • Entering 8 photos in the fair.

  • Hiking into the Wilderness area to a beautiful little lake and spending the day fishing and watching mama moose and her baby.

  • Not having to take chemo and having the energy to do these things!!!

Yes it has been a wonderful Wyoming summer!! But I am ready for ….

  • the cool air

  • the fall colors 

  • the hot soups

  • curling up under a blanket to watch TV or read a good book

  • raking leaves (yes I like to do this)

  • the first snow ( maybe the 2nd but yeah then it gets kinda old)

  • the holidays

  • the bazaars mom and I do ( if I get my stuff made)

I am very thankful that I live in such a place and that God gives us the chance to see these things.  I pray that you all have had a wonderful summer and that you join me in welcoming the coming of Fall!!


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