In a Small Western Town

The other day my nephew called me and asked “Auntie guess who we saw today?” I said ” I have no idea.” So he told me…(in his words)

…..Me and the wife went into the western store in Sheridan and this lady was finishing paying for her purchase and walked by us on the way to the door. I then told the clerk, “that lady sure looked like Joan Rivers” she said “THAT WAS Joan Rivers”.  So I turned around and said “Good bye Mrs. Joan Rivers” and she turned around and waved and said good bye to me.  Auntie it was really cool!!!

He then went on to tell me, “you know we could have asked for an autograph or a picture, but celebrities get harassed so much that we chose to just leave her alone.” I am so glad that he had this kind of attitude. People are people no matter who they are!! He was just so glad to see someone like this, it really tickled him. 

Have you ever seen anybody FAMOUS???

I got to see Amy Carter, when her dad was president. I have seen the country group Ricochet, Patty Loveless and got to go back stage and meet her. I guess that is about it. I feel sorry for some of our STARS that the press won’t leave alone. Hard for them to have a normal life. Glad I am just little ole me and knowing that my grandsons eyes light up and he gets excited to see me.


Is Fall in the Air?….I am thinking so

Well first off, I have been a terrible blogger!!Sorry!!! I will try to do better. I am trying to use my time more wisely, and this means limiting my time on the computer. The craft crunch is on and trying to get stuff made for 3 upcoming bazaars. So that means Fall is in the air for me.


Is Fall in the Air?….I am thinking so…does this break my heart…NO!!  I LOVE FALL, IT IS MY FAVORITE SEASON. 

I have seen the signs,…

  • the crisp cool mornings

  •  a few leaves starting to change

  •  the kids back to school

  •  the bow hunters headed to the woods

  •  the flowers looking their best

  •  the garden produce ready to harvest

  •  the lawn going back to needing mowed once a week instead of twice

  •  summer clothes on clearance. 

So the signs are there, the only sad part is in Wyoming winter will not be far behind. I am so thankful that God gave us the changes of the seasons, fall is my favorite, but there is a part of each season that is special  to me. I know some of you are still suffering with hot temperatures, and you can say is this person nuts, but if you live in Wyoming or have lived here you know what I am saying.

 Some people have complained that we have not even had a summer this year. For me it has been wonderful!  I am not one to do HOT so 80’s have worked quite well for me.  Along with the temperature being wonderful it has been a wonderful summer of adventures.

  • Flying with my mom to Lake Tahoe, for my niece’s wedding and getting to spend time with my daughter and my sis that came to the wedding also.

  • Camping for a weekend in the mountains with my husband and dog.

  • Getting to ride the 1880 train and touring a beautiful cave. 

  • Getting to see three National Parks, three states and family, with hubby in eight days!!

  • Getting to take lots of photos.

  • My niece moving back to Wyoming and getting reacquainted with her.

  • Entering 8 photos in the fair.

  • Hiking into the Wilderness area to a beautiful little lake and spending the day fishing and watching mama moose and her baby.

  • Not having to take chemo and having the energy to do these things!!!

Yes it has been a wonderful Wyoming summer!! But I am ready for ….

  • the cool air

  • the fall colors 

  • the hot soups

  • curling up under a blanket to watch TV or read a good book

  • raking leaves (yes I like to do this)

  • the first snow ( maybe the 2nd but yeah then it gets kinda old)

  • the holidays

  • the bazaars mom and I do ( if I get my stuff made)

I am very thankful that I live in such a place and that God gives us the chance to see these things.  I pray that you all have had a wonderful summer and that you join me in welcoming the coming of Fall!!

Nine years or nine days?

How can time go so fast, but yet still slow. How can it feel in one minute that it has been nine years and in the next feel like it has been nine days. How is it that I can still hear your voice and still see you look out that window watching us as we leave. Or tease me that you are going home tomorrow? And then on the other hand it seems sooooo very long since you said “Its greenin up out there” or you were sneaking  out side to have a nip so mom wouldn’t see you?

I remember….

….playing cards with you, and thinking I could deal myself all the good ones so when you came back from the bathroom I could go out and win.


….having some very long nights after that, because you taught me it was wrong to cheat and you wouldn’t play with me for several days.

…your favorite color was blue.

…how good you looked in red.

…going fishing and you asking me where my cane pole was. When I told you it was down the bank, you said no, its half way out in the lake.

…your blue blue eyes.

…how you loved my mom!!

….how family was important to you.

…when we got our first colored TV and you and I had to watch the         Rock-heads aka the Flintstones before we went to get mom from work.

…sitting on the bucking horse at Wall Drug and having my picture taken with you, when I was 5 and when I was 35!!

… you never liked the radio on in the car when you were traveling.

…traveling to Wyoming on Christmas eve and you turned the radio on and you, mom and I sang Christmas carols for 400 miles.

…going out to the sheep barn with you.

…riding on the tractor with you.

…you throwing one of my coffee cups out into my yard. LOL

… you rattling your false teeth at the grand kids and the last time you did it!

… you telling my kids there are no snakes in Alaska. LOL

…you eating sauerkraut and watching Mr. Ed with my Sassybug.

…you taking my son for his first hair cut.

…the last time that you and I saw the ocean together.

…you helping me learn to count change at the watermelon stand.

…you and I helping Fred unload watermelons.

…the way you could always put a wave in your hair.

….you walking me down the aisle.

…you and I digging worms and grubs to go fishing.

….helping you load the camper and putting the bolts down the holes so you could bolt it in the pickup.

…the time we didn’t put the bolts in cause you were in a hurry and it came out on the highway!!

…mom cussing you out cause you didn’t put the bolts in.

…sitting with you in the hospital.

…you always getting out your family picture when someone new came to our house, and asking them if they had that many brothers and sisters.

…you grinding meat and making rings of bologna.

…you playing cards with friends.

…playing thirty-one and how you would rap.

…you getting mad if we dirtyed  the aces in hand and foot.

…playing Husker-do with me.

…you changing the blades on the sickle mower.

…you always having a story to tell, be it a joke or a real life experience.

… you telling me you bought land in South Dakota and how mad I got at you for it.

…the way you loved to sit and watch people.

…the way that you could strike up a conversation with anyone.

I could go on and on. I pray I always remember these things, even when I am old and gray. I pray that I have the memory that you always had. I know one thing is for certain I will always remember you loved me and that I loved you.

I love you my daddy!!

In memory of my dad

 Kenneth Elmer Larson March 25th 1920-July 17th, 2000

My daddy and I sometime in the 70’s


Memorial Day!

I have no witty words today!

I have no pictures to share!

Just a few words of thought…

Today is a day to reflect on those that gave us the freedom of our country and those that have fought to preserve it. A day to preserve the memory of those we have loved and lost.

I have known many people that have served our country, from

brothers, uncles, aunt, cousins, nephews, brother in laws, friends, acquaintances and many more.

So I just want to say THANK YOU for all you have done, all you are doing and all you will do!!!

To that special someone far away serving right now……I love you, please stay safe, and we all miss you!!! 

For a great post on Memorial Day, click on John’s CLL Journey blog link. Great post!!! Thanks John!



Is that really what I see??

Last week one of my bosses was here from Texas.  He went on my deliveries with me to touch bases with our customers, and to see if there is any more we can do for them. I am happy to report that they are all happy with the service, the main problem we heard from everyone is that our prices are high.

In our wonderful state of Wyoming we have four seasons just like the rest of you… we have.. almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction.  Well in 900 miles in two days we were bound to run into some of those nice friendly orange signs that we all know and love. NOT! So we came to  a stop and had to wait about 20 min for a pilot car.  As we took off behind the pilot car Wayne asked me how many cars were behind us. So looking in my rear view mirror I began counting.  WHAT!! About the forth vehicle back was a pick up, with what looked like to me, a man holding out a gun!!! I told Wayne, “there are about 7 vehicles behind us, but can you turn around and look at that pickup, some guy is in the back with a gun!!”.  So Wayne turns around to look, he can’t see for sure, I can’t stop as I am right behind the pilot car, so I keep looking in my mirror when ever I get the chance, yep still looks like a guy with a gun. So Wayne and I start joking, that maybe he does not like road construction or maybe he is looking for someone that might have been with his wife. I told Wayne that soon we would be turning off  and that guy would go around us or turn with us, either way I was gonna pull off and let him go around. About five miles latter we came to our turn off and sure enough the guy turned off behind us, I pulled over and let him pass and sure enough…. there was a man in the back holding not one but two guns and one was pointed right at us……100_4146

We sure had a good laugh!!

This we found out is a statue of Nate Champion, he was part of the Johnson County War. This is of his last stand. This is a good web site if you want to read more about him.

The sculptor is D Michael Thomas this is a link to his web site

When we got to Tensleep, the truck was pulled over so I was able to get some more pictures. The statue will be placed in front of the Jim Gatchell Museum in Buffalo Wyoming soon.



I got asked today when I was going to blog again. I said I don’t know! I don’t feel I have anything interesting to say.

But as the day went on I found a few things to share!

I got a call from my daughter Sassy today and her college class that she was to teach got canceled. AHHHHHH  Not really cause now she gets to bring her aunt and join her granny and I in Lake Tahoe for my nieces wedding. We are all so excited!!!

Okay will add a few pictures from the last few days. Niece S. had a BBQ the other night for her little one L”s birthday. They just got a new tramp and everyone was having a blast. Even this grandma got up there with grandson. Here are a few shots from the party.

Up in the air!!

Up in the air!!



Warm fire on a cool night.

Warm fire on a cool night.

The peek a boo birthday girl!

The peek a boo birthday girl!

the cake made by Niece Tettleton

the cake made by Niece Tettleton

Flowers my mom got for mothers day from my brother.

Flowers my mom got for mothers day from my brother.

 a flower close up

a flower close up









Sassybug, the bride to be, and Neice Monk
Sassybug, the bride to be, and Niece Monk

















Above the bride is the groom to be. Hey S. be careful when you ask me to blog, you never know what I will come up with!!!

Well that will be all for tonight. I got a long two days ahead of me so I better get to bed.
Please lift Carolyn in your prayers. She is to see a doctor in Denver in the morning for her aneurysm. Her sight is about the same.
Will let you all know what they are gonna do!!





My Weekly Moose!!

Wow two post in one day, I am on a roll!! Did you notice the new moose picture at the top??? Those were my weekly moose!! For those of you that don’t know, my job is selling down hole pump parts for the oil field, I deliver parts over the Big Horn Mountains once a week. Yes even in the snow and on the icy roads. One of the things that makes my job so awesome is the beautiful scenery and wildlife that I get to see. Some days are uneventful and others leave me speechless.

 There was one time this last winter that due to the roads being very slick, I was way latter getting back than I really wanted to be. As I headed up the mountain on my way home, dark was coming on fast, when I got up on top it also started snowing. Real fun!! as the roads were already slick and with 40 miles of mountain left I knew I was in for a long ride. I thought I really wish I was not alone it is sooooooo quiet!!  So what do I do I roll my window down and listen to nothing, just the calm quiet of a mountain!! It was absolutely beautiful and I knew right there I was not alone!! Have you ever listened to quiet?? Its awesome!!  Yes God was with me and got me home safe that night. He travels with me all the time!!!

So I just wanted to share a few pictures of my travels last Thursday. I love moose, okay I am moose crazy, so I always hope I get to see moose on my trip. Even better when they are close enough for a picture!!  Four moose right next to the road!! It does not get much better than this…..



The fog was very heavy in some spots on the mountain……


…but the sun was fast winning its fight for the day.

On my return trip I am just cruising along, bopping along to my sirus radio, and I am “What was that?”. So I slow down, find a place to turn around and back I go. Okay, stop, watch, wait and what do I see but a baby fox. Okay camera ready, and down he goes and drops out of sight, okay wait, focus, here he comes, darn another car goes by and out of sight he goes again. Oh well nice day, no snow to drive back on… wait and wait and wait…. and it paid off well as three little baby foxes came up the ditch bank to play!!


Okay I have watched you little guys long enough, it will be dark when I get home if I stay and watch you as long as I would like to.

 Okay back on the road, back up to speed, and wait!! brakes, pull over there are horses and they have babies!!! I am really not sure, but I believe these may be wild horses. There is an area close to here that has wild horses but do not know if this is connected to that. I really can’t see domestic horses way out in this part of the country as it is very desolate and a long ways for someone to come feed them, as there is not a lot of grass for them to eat.


I tried for ten minutes trying to see if the other baby would stand up, but guess he was down for his nap and there was no getting him up.


mom and baby

This last picture was taken on the weekend of state bowling tournament. Hubby and I arrived early so we went for a drive. We came across this old school house. Behind it was a 3 seater out house.. don’t see many of those around.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures!!!