In a Small Western Town

The other day my nephew called me and asked “Auntie guess who we saw today?” I said ” I have no idea.” So he told me…(in his words)

…..Me and the wife went into the western store in Sheridan and this lady was finishing paying for her purchase and walked by us on the way to the door. I then told the clerk, “that lady sure looked like Joan Rivers” she said “THAT WAS Joan Rivers”.  So I turned around and said “Good bye Mrs. Joan Rivers” and she turned around and waved and said good bye to me.  Auntie it was really cool!!!

He then went on to tell me, “you know we could have asked for an autograph or a picture, but celebrities get harassed so much that we chose to just leave her alone.” I am so glad that he had this kind of attitude. People are people no matter who they are!! He was just so glad to see someone like this, it really tickled him. 

Have you ever seen anybody FAMOUS???

I got to see Amy Carter, when her dad was president. I have seen the country group Ricochet, Patty Loveless and got to go back stage and meet her. I guess that is about it. I feel sorry for some of our STARS that the press won’t leave alone. Hard for them to have a normal life. Glad I am just little ole me and knowing that my grandsons eyes light up and he gets excited to see me.


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  1. Posted by sassybug on September 2, 2009 at 9:45 AM

    I met the local news lady and the weather man. I also met the governor of the state of colorado when i was in college, i had lunch with him.


  2. Posted by mrsgee on September 9, 2009 at 8:01 AM

    i once asked the secretary of education a question at a press breakfast. but i didn’t get to shake his hand or anything.


  3. I’ve met a few,Jamie O’Neal,of course she is married to our nephew,Neil McCoy,& Rascal Flatts.
    Two chance meetings in airports,Tammy Faye and Kenny Rogers,not together of course.
    Oh yeah and Richard Simmons.Believe it or not he was so nice and even asked if I had money for CLL treatments.I think if I had said no,he would have helped me.Seemed to have a big heart!
    Love Ya,


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