Nine years or nine days?

How can time go so fast, but yet still slow. How can it feel in one minute that it has been nine years and in the next feel like it has been nine days. How is it that I can still hear your voice and still see you look out that window watching us as we leave. Or tease me that you are going home tomorrow? And then on the other hand it seems sooooo very long since you said “Its greenin up out there” or you were sneaking  out side to have a nip so mom wouldn’t see you?

I remember….

….playing cards with you, and thinking I could deal myself all the good ones so when you came back from the bathroom I could go out and win.


….having some very long nights after that, because you taught me it was wrong to cheat and you wouldn’t play with me for several days.

…your favorite color was blue.

…how good you looked in red.

…going fishing and you asking me where my cane pole was. When I told you it was down the bank, you said no, its half way out in the lake.

…your blue blue eyes.

…how you loved my mom!!

….how family was important to you.

…when we got our first colored TV and you and I had to watch the         Rock-heads aka the Flintstones before we went to get mom from work.

…sitting on the bucking horse at Wall Drug and having my picture taken with you, when I was 5 and when I was 35!!

… you never liked the radio on in the car when you were traveling.

…traveling to Wyoming on Christmas eve and you turned the radio on and you, mom and I sang Christmas carols for 400 miles.

…going out to the sheep barn with you.

…riding on the tractor with you.

…you throwing one of my coffee cups out into my yard. LOL

… you rattling your false teeth at the grand kids and the last time you did it!

… you telling my kids there are no snakes in Alaska. LOL

…you eating sauerkraut and watching Mr. Ed with my Sassybug.

…you taking my son for his first hair cut.

…the last time that you and I saw the ocean together.

…you helping me learn to count change at the watermelon stand.

…you and I helping Fred unload watermelons.

…the way you could always put a wave in your hair.

….you walking me down the aisle.

…you and I digging worms and grubs to go fishing.

….helping you load the camper and putting the bolts down the holes so you could bolt it in the pickup.

…the time we didn’t put the bolts in cause you were in a hurry and it came out on the highway!!

…mom cussing you out cause you didn’t put the bolts in.

…sitting with you in the hospital.

…you always getting out your family picture when someone new came to our house, and asking them if they had that many brothers and sisters.

…you grinding meat and making rings of bologna.

…you playing cards with friends.

…playing thirty-one and how you would rap.

…you getting mad if we dirtyed  the aces in hand and foot.

…playing Husker-do with me.

…you changing the blades on the sickle mower.

…you always having a story to tell, be it a joke or a real life experience.

… you telling me you bought land in South Dakota and how mad I got at you for it.

…the way you loved to sit and watch people.

…the way that you could strike up a conversation with anyone.

I could go on and on. I pray I always remember these things, even when I am old and gray. I pray that I have the memory that you always had. I know one thing is for certain I will always remember you loved me and that I loved you.

I love you my daddy!!

In memory of my dad

 Kenneth Elmer Larson March 25th 1920-July 17th, 2000

My daddy and I sometime in the 70’s



5 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by sassybug on July 16, 2009 at 8:44 PM

    all I can say is… me too


  2. I remember a lot of those things about your daddy, too. I love the photo you posted! I don’t think I have ever seen that one before.


  3. A wonderful tribute to your father. You obviously had a very special relationship. Very, very nice post.


  4. Posted by mrsgee on August 13, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    it’s funny how sometimes people you never got a chance to meet still influence your life. sassy taught me to play hand and foot and then i taught my family. everyone knows that if you’re on my team, you better not dirty the aces.


  5. Posted by materialmoose on August 17, 2009 at 1:44 PM

    Gee, you would have loved Sassybugs Grampy!!!


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