The Good Cancer… Yeah right.

I am very sad this morning. Checking my favorite forum CLLCF (Chronic lymphocyte leukemia Christian Friends) we have lost one of our family. Our friend  Ron, Blanky or better known as RB passed away on 8/24/09. My dear brother in Christ you will be greatly missed!!

I title my post the Good Cancer because when you find out you have CLL that is what some doctors will tell you. “if  you have to have cancer this is the good kind to have”. Well excuse me this is a bunch of bull.  No matter what CANCER IS CANCER!!!  There are so many THINGS that go hand in hand with CLL and some of it is kinda scary, okay some of it is a lot scary. I cannot explain things real well, so please take some time and do some reading if you would like to know more.

When I found out that I had CLL I decided that even though my mom had CLL I did not know much  about it. So I decided that I had a computer in front of me, that I needed to do some reasearch. That is when I found the CLLCF forum. Oh the things I have learned from my friends on there.  Some things I have learned….

  1. That there is no GOOD cancer
  2. what an IGIV is
  3. what a SCT is
  4. about infections
  5. that there are some wonderful people in cyber space
  6. that there are a lot of people with CLL
  7. about what options we have for treatment
  8. about other treatment centers 
  9. about battling insurance companies
  10. how cute everyone’s grandkids are!!!!

Yes I have learned  a lot from my family of CLL friends and I have alot more to learn. It is wonderful to have a place to share your fears, your joys, your prayer request and things that are happening in your life. We all share so much and you can see why we call ourselves a Family. I pray that someday I will get to meet some of these wonderful people while we are still on this earth. If not it is wonderful to know that I will meet them on the streets of heaven, as we will meet our dear friend Ron.

Please keep my CLL Warriors in your prayers!!

If you have or know someone who does have CLL and would like to join our cyber family please go to…

 Love Barb


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