What should I feel???

     Have you ever been so mixed up you don’t know what to feel? I guess the Christmas season always kind of does this to me, but this year is worse. I am not sure if I want to shout out with joy, laugh, or sit and cry. Guess I have been doing a little of all of them.

I want to shout with JOY because

  1. It is the birth of our Savior!!

  2. My sister is here and we have been doing a lot of things together. Baking, shopping, decorating, sewing, playing games and spending time just the two of us with our mom!!

  3. My daughter is coming home for Christmas!!

  4. We are having a BIG family Christmas!!

  5. We were donated a building to have our family Christmas in!!

  6. I have a job, were as a lot of people are without this year!!

I want to laugh because

  1. The grandson tells me he needs bubbles “cause mine all gone grandma”

  2. People are just funny this time of year.

  3. It was fun to wrap my sister in Christmas lights.

  4. Sometimes its fun to keep secrets.

I want to cry because…

  1. The doctor has told us it may be the last Christmas with our momma.

  2. The ghost of Christmas past always comes and leaves me thinking of people who are gone from my life.

  3. The mess that the world is in and how many people who are in need.

  4. The stress of trying to get everything ready.

  5. Not know what to get my wonderful husband for Christmas.

I really am trying to keep focused on the true meaning of Christmas and not let things stress me out or get me down.  

Remembering ……..


Merry Christmas to all!!!



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